About Lhoradon

Footwear designer, Ruth Freeman is not only reliving her childhood, but she has taken her early and innate creative passions nurtured as a young artist from crafts class and is now making it her future. She’s always been obsessed with “adorn-ation,” by taking intrinsically beautiful and wearable things and creating works of art by taking them to a level that is over the top in decadence. Her fascination grew from her innocent art competition entries in elementary school when she begun creating thousands of handmade glass beads from recycled glass and plastics.

A momentary but tactful distraction, Freeman was forced to abandon her creative knack as she was born in a society that saw accomplishment in the sciences as far more respectable than the pursuit of innovation in fashion and the arts. Fashion and craftsmanship was greatly stigmatized in her social circle and were areas typically left for the academically disadvantaged. As a young adult, Ruth saw her real obsession as fleeting and struggled with that notion, as pressures from her heritage and peers were unavoidable. 

As the reality of what society expected of her settled in, she switched gears and begun following a more pragmatic route, engulfing herself in traditional academia through the study of science and business. But learning and understanding the world in a more fundamental way just lit a match under her creative fire. She begun to explore ways she could take her traditional education and fuse it with her love for being untraditionally creative.

Rather than a fashion designer in the common sense, she reinvented the wheel bit, in what most of the world has called the stiletto....And can now most accurately call herself an architectural inventor. Her constant experimentation with structure and devising the most interesting shapes, twists and turns for women to stand on has made her a true scientist.

Scouting luxury handbags from Southeast Asia and Europe presented Freeman’s formal entry point into the industry. And apart from her rootings in manufacturing and wholesale she started building relationships critical to understanding the retail community and what luxury consumers are really looking to invest in.

LHORADON by Ruth Freeman is born to relive that lost childhood opportunity and be known for it.”

Freeman soon decided it was time to take the leap from her finance career and now as an adult in a much more sophisticated way revisit “adorn-ation.” She started with Swarovski, mainly, adorning her own bras, panties, accessories and shoes with the luxury gems. But the decadent footwear she repurposed took the prize. She soon took her unique creative vision from her bedroom to the workroom and started sketching, completely immersing herself in the idea of the stiletto. 

Her coursework in psychology ultimately led her to question: “How can I make the stiletto completely irresistible to women?” She knew already, too well herself, how most women gravitate to all that sparkles. But competing in a luxury shoe market, saturated with crystalized “applications...” well she found all too quickly she had yet to really tackle her original question. After meetings and extensive globetrotting, freeman eventually secured an inventive Italian shoe factory, the first place where she felt compelled to start putting the stiletto heel itself to the structural test. 

As fine jewelers turned to artisanal metal innovation for centuries in producing progressive, precious and the most luxurious of accessories, Ruth is paving the way as a standout in footwear design, by using the thoughtful approach of traditional Italian masters. Hence her most intriguing line of luxury footwear has come to focus on a most captivating collection of thoughtfully architectured heels. The Lhoradon by Ruth Freeman collection defines experimentation through unconventional beauty. 

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